Thursday, January 5, 2012

Doll Kits

The first batch of doll kits are almost ready to be listed in my shop... lots of caps have been made, heads have been rolled, bodies have been cut.  I will be offering the kits a little differently this time compared to how they have been offered in the past.  There will be several listings to purchase to get the different parts. 

Thank you M.H. for the lovely photo... you did a wonderful job with your kit!

There will be a listing for the actual doll making kit which will include the pre-sewn body (2 choices for color), pre-made head, wool stuffing, and the complete instructions.  There will be listings for crochet caps for hair, one listing for each color available.  There will be listings for each base color of mohair available. 

There will be many listings for different art yarns for you to choose from.  That is going to take me a little while to get together... I have over 20 yarns I would like to make available to you, so there is lots to photograph.  I plan on having weights listed for the yarns as that is usually how I put a doll together.  Different thicknesses of yarns will have different weights and yardage. 

For the kits, I recommend you get one mohair and at least one art yarn, this will make sense after you get your kit and look over the instructions.  You want your yarn total weight to be about 4 or 5 ounces.  There will be extra yarns, but it has been my experience that extra yarn is always a good thing.  Sometimes it is nice to add a little more over time, and sometimes your little one might give dolly a haircut and you may need to do a bit of repairs. 

The kit instructions are getting a bit of an overhaul, CORFEE style!  I am super excited about this.  I know Stephanie will do a fabulous job and I can't wait to share a peek at the final results with you all.  You can see more of Stephanie's artwork at her Etsy shop.  She is the one who created my fabulous dolly art that I love so much.

Lastly, I realized this morning I am getting awfully close to 2000 likes on my fan page!  If you haven't already liked Apple Tree House on Facebook, please take a moment and do so.  When I reach 2000 likes, I will offer a special doll making kit for $1... think rainbows....

That's all for now!

xo Debra

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