Monday, December 26, 2011


Ssshhhh.... I have a secret....

I am offering 15% off of Harmony for my blog readers until the end of the year.  To redeem this offer, simply go to the Etsy shop and enter the coupon code "Secret"!

I want this special girl to find her forever home :)

I will have some custom doll listings available in my Bigcartel Shop on Tuesday.  Just a few at first, and hopefully more later.  I am also working hard gathering materials for the 10 inch doll making kits and hope to have those available after the beginning of the year.  More on that later.

Have a wonderful Monday!

xoxo Debra

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Big Plans

It is hard to believe that another year is coming to a close.  This is my second winter selling my Waldorf styled and inspired dolls, and boy has time flown by!  I just finished up the last 2 custom dolls for the year, both boys:

As I was preparing to send them off, it got me thinking.   I had forgotten how much fun custom dolls could be.  The end of the year seems to be a great time for reflection :)  I think it is high time to start taking some more custom orders.  There will be just a few spots at first, but as I get back into the swing of it there will be more.   There are currently 2 skin tones I have to chose from (peach and mocha - I have found these 2 colors clean up nicely from the smudges that happen during play) and you will be able to chose 8 or 12 inch. 

Harmony, in the shop now

That also got me thinking about my 10 inch doll making kits.  I really miss getting the excited notes and photos of mamas making dolls for their kids.  I am going to spend some time the next couple weeks getting supplies together and there will be kits in January in my Bigcartel shop.  I will put supplies in listed as  "Coming Soon" until I have everything together.  This time, kits will be offered a little differently.  There will be a listing for a kit with your choice of skin colors (based on what I have on hand).  The kit will include the pre-sewn body, head, thread to match, and instructions.  Then there will be separate listings for crochet caps and yarns for hair.  This will benefit us all... I will have choices available and you will be able to see and plan for yourself without trying to convo back and forth and not really knowing what you will get until it arrives.  I am still working out all the kinks, but that is the plan for now. 

"My mama made her just for me!"

Finally, I want to make more of my 15 inch baby dolls.  I do love this doll so much.  She has been wonderful company on my shelf as I set up the new house.  This size will eventually be offered as a custom doll option after I get a few more made as ready to go home dolls.  And there will be ready to go home dolls, just maybe not quite as many as you have been used to seeing, at least not in the beginning of the year. 

So, those are my big plans for 2012... I think I will be very busy :)

I hope wherever you are and whatever you do
That someone special can spend time with you!

xoxo Debra

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Upload 12/14/11

The last shop upload for the year will be today, 12/14/11 at 10 pm EST in my Etsy shop.  There is a link on the right side bar.

Here's some pics of the 2 girls I just finished, both wearing their Melamoose Co. outfits.

First up, we have Harmony.  She is 12 inches, has mocha skin, grey eyes, and some really amazing hand spun yarn in her hair.  It has sparkles and some of the original curly lamb locks in it!  It is predominately blue and silver, but there are some purpl-y and darker bits as well.   I have been dying to use this yarn for the longest time.  When I put the face on this little girl, I knew right away she was the one to have it. 

She will be $175 plus shipping.

This is Addie.  Addie was named for a very special little girl that believes in doing random acts of kindness.  She is also the daughter of the creator of Paint The Moon Photography  .  I use a lot of Annie's PSE actions to process my photos.  I was so moved by her story of Addie trying to give balloons away and though of her while I was making this sweet little gal.  Addie has over 500 strands of yarn in her super soft head of hair.  Much of it is a hand spun yarn. 

She will be $160 plus shipping.

Speaking of shipping, I normally use USPS Priority Mail.  This time of year, the timing can be tricky.  If you need a guaranteed delivery date, please convo me immediately at the time of purchase and I will send you an invoice for either Fedex or UPS shipping which will be about $35 for shipping within the U.S.  For other countries, please contact me before you purchase to make sure it is feasible. 

Thanks for all of your support this year, I can't wait to share what I am working on for next year!

xoxo Debra

Monday, December 12, 2011

A December to Remember

I know, real original.  It has been that kind of month!  With the move, renovation, homeschool, and day job my life has been hectic to say the least.  I am working on a couple more dolls to upload either Wednesday 12/14 or Thursday 12/15 depending on how long it takes me to get them done.  I will post more pics here as the girls are completed.  One will be peachy and one mocha.  One will have pink hair :)

I built that fire myself.   No gas starter, the old fashioned way.  Living in the woods is agreeing with me lol

Here's something else that has taken a lot of time and patience... my home schooler decided she wanted to try her hand at quilting.  The front is done, time for a break before we bind it.  It is a great way to teach math and geometry :)

Also, when you get a chance, pop over and see what adventures we are having with Lunette, the travelling Moonchild Doll.  She is such a special little thing and I will be sad to see her go, but happy that she is going to another friend for more adventures.

xoxo Debra