Contest Entries

The contest is now closed... thanks to all who entered!

"I have been admiring your dolls for awhile. I asked my daughter why she wants one of your dolls, since she is in charge of the dolly world here. She said, "I love their beautiful hair!" We love the beautiful color combinations you come up with and like seeing what creative dolls you make. Thank you for the chance!
A (and of course E)"

From J.E. (2 mama made dolls + a Mooshy Baby + a 12" doll = BIG smiles!)

***"Here is a picture of our sweet little Rose, affectionately called "Mooshy" by my little girl. She's one of R's favorite dolls (because she's pink!) and even though my daughter is 4, she for some reason likes to suck on the top of Mooshy's hat. So much so, that the fabric is now a very lovely crusty yellow LOL! But, we'll just chalk it up to a love smudge and it all just goes to show how much little Rose is adored in our home. ♥

Thanks for creating such cuties!"***

"I have been admiring your dolls for awhile. I asked my daughter why she wants one of your dolls, since she is in charge of the dolly world here. She said, "I love their beautiful hair!" We love the beautiful color combinations you come up with and like seeing what creative dolls you make. Thank you for the chance!
A (and of course E)"

C and Matilda :)  M.S.

**"Your dolls are always beautifully made and the sweetness that comes from them shines through. Grace LOVES her ATH babies. I still have to sneak them away to have some play time for myself and make clothing changes.
I am not sure about how many pictures I can submit but my first picture I would like to call it, "Where's the baby and AppleTreeHouse dolls?". lol! They are her companions even in the chaos of Grace's bedding while she sleeps. They watch over her, keep her warm and have that sweetness that shines through with their smiles. How I have loved watching your dolls evolve and how lucky do we feel that we have your first with Maisy!
The second picture I would love to title, "Two cuties.....One pouting!". I found glasses for Maisy and Grace loves them on her friend because of Grace needing to wear glasses herself. I had to place Maisy behind Grace because while Grace coloured a picture she has a lovely idea that Maisy might want some pretty makeup. Maybe I should not mind but Maisy is still to little to wear makeup and I also do not know how to remove wax crayon off of a Waldorf doll.
Well, I hope these are ok and I hope this finds you well. You can also change my silly titles! lol!

Warm wishes,

Cassie A and family"***
My name is Carrie and I am a mom to two beautiful girls. I have been stalking these types of dolls for a while and really need to get one.
My oldest daughter, Hannah is 14 and has autism. Hannah lives in a very special world she has created inside herself. She has no outside friends or activities aside from the occasional Special Olympics meet. Hannah spends her days with her dolls, these are her best friends! When Hannah saw these dolls she fell in love
and wants one she says she will name Poppy...she wants one so bad and as a mom watching her teenager with her love, her dolls, I need to make this happen for her. Hannah deserves the best I can get for her and in her world this doll would be the best.
Thank you for your time

***"This is my favourite photo EVER of L and Ben. He's settled in well here and has a few dolly sisters. He has become the 'man of the house' of the dolls and is one of Laila-Belle's best buddies. He has to go out with her in her Toy Story back pack. Thank you for making such wonderful friends for our babies :)
Thanks a million,

**"I absolutley LOVE your dolls! They are so funky and colourfull, not like any other dolls Ive seen before. I first came across them when I stumbled apon the Lil Blue Boo blog. You did such an amazing job replicating the likeness of Sienna, I knew I just had to try to get one or my almost 3 year old daughter. Unfortunately, living in Australia makes tyring to get one very difficult, as theye are usually listed in the very early hours of the morning with the time difference. I know my daughter Zali (great name for a new ATH doll I think!) would love a ATH doll, she likes to look with me through your photos on facebook at all the wonderful work you have done, she says there pretty. She loves dolls already, and often takes one out to the shops or visiting Meema and Peepa. I just know a ATH doll would become her favourite thing very quickly. Also, today she fell over and got a BIG black eye at childcare, dont you think a gorgeous new doll would make everything all better? LOL

Keep up the fantastic work! One day one of your fantastic dolls will be mine (well, ours tee hee!)

D Br and Z"***

***"I have been following your dolls for quite some time, though I am never in the right place or fast enough, or lucky enough to be able to get one of our very own!! More than one has slipped through my fingers!! I have always been a huge fan of dolls. I carried around a Fisher Price doll for years as a child...and then later came the Cabbage Patch phenomenon. I had a number of them that slept with me every night, shared all of my secrets, and came along on all of my adventures!! Now that I have a daughter, I am having so much fun watching her learn to play with her dollies...though one of her favorites is the same Fisher Price doll I carried around as a child!! Still in her same dress, though a bit worse for the wear overall!! But she is almost 40 years old, after all!! :)
I have attached a picture of K, my ... daughter, in her "treehouse". She would love to be able to have an Apple TreeHouse doll of her own to share adventures with just as I did as a child. I would love to have the chance for a "leg up" on actually getting one of your adorable little works of art for her to love!! Thanks so much for the chance!!
Have a wonderful day!!

**"Although we do not own a ATH doll, I enjoy getting to see each one born, as you post them to your facebook. Being an artist myself, I know the love, time & craftsmanship involved in the "handmade" process. The dolls are precious & unique.
Please enter our family, as our 2yo dd loves dolls & would greatly enjoy a ATH

S N *""

"**I just wanted to email you again and say how grateful we are for the doll you made for us. My daughter currently has "other dolls" and ATH Milla. Milla is her absolute favorite. Milla is the one who gets played with, taken on grocery trips on occasion and hugged and kissed. While I don't regret buying other dolls I can certainly say that Milla is The One. I just wanted to share this with you, as I think you, as a creator of such a wonderful doll should know how special that doll is to my child. Thank you so much for you wonderful work.

V K **"

*"We are entering the contest as not having an Apple Tree House Gal, We dont even have one yet!!!! Our favourites must have the right looking faces, and Ive spent about 6 months trying to get an ATH dolly for my little girl, we live in Australia, and whilst there are a whole tonne of Aussie Mamas making Dollies, theres just something about the ATH Gals that just melt our hearts. My little sweetheart is three and shes of great support to her 5 year old brother who has multiple chronic/terminal conditions and she never complains, Im after a little sweetness just for my Arrabella that can become a little companion for her and just something that she can identify as her own. And Im a knitting Mama so she wouldnt ever be short of an outfit or five. :) :)
Thankyou Debra,
Belinda M"*

*"We don't have a lovely Apple TreeHouse Doll at our home yet. As a mom of two boys, I have to take many things into consideration when bringing dolls into our home. At 4 and 5, they are so so picky already! But, one son has a boy Snicklefritz, the other a boy Bambo, and both are treasured buddies. I have a *few* girl dolls of my own, and have coveted your cuties for a while! I cannot adequately explain the magic that happens when all three of us play "animal hospital" or "mechanic shop" or "monster truck show" on the bedroom floor, and the superheros and damsels-in-distress and nurses and cheering crowds join in the fun. This is a part of motherhood that I cherish, when I watch my boys nurture and be nurtured through their relationships with dolls. Of course Optimus Prime and Spiderman are there too.
Debra, I really love the playful spirit of your dolls, and we'd be so happy to welcome one into our home. Thanks!
Shelly G"*

*"Little Molly is adored here.
She spends her time laying on T (our 7 year olds) bed, being dressed and undressed and hangin out with the other dolls and stuffies.
Erin M. "*

Nothing like a big smile on a little girl holding her doll!  (Entry for T McF)

*"I have been admiring your dolls since I found you through Lil Blue Boo's blog.
I'm so excited for the chance to maybe get one of your dolls for my baby girl. I'm a crafty, hand-make-it mom myself, and I love the uniqueness of each doll that you make. I love dolls, and I love the personalities that they bring out in kids. It's such a creative interaction between a child and a doll. I remember making up creative stories about my dolls when I was little. My daughter, Saoirse, is almost 10 months old now (I can't believe how fast it has gone by). She has a couple of small dolls that she likes playing with, and one larger baby doll that was mine when I was little. Her favorite part of her dolls is the hair. She seems fascinated by it. The hair on the dolls she has is nothing compared to the dolls you make. I knit and crochet a lot, and there is always yarn around the house. She loves playing with it, and loves feeling the different textures. I can only imagine what she would do with the hair on one of your dolls. I think she would be in heaven. Since being diagnosed with cancer two months ago, I have been doing a lot of crafting. I feel like I need to keep my hands busy. I have been thinking about making her a doll, but I haven't known where to start. The ATH dolls have such amazing and adorable features, I couldn't imagine being able to create something so perfect. Things have been rough here the past couple months, but the smiling face and roaring giggle of my beautiful little girl makes everything else seem to just go away. I love to see her face light up with joy. I know an ATH doll would bring a really big smile to her face.
Thanks so much for having this contest.

*"Aubrey (made from an ATH kit!) is loving her home here in Arizona. She gets to hang out all day long and watch The Wiggles, and Angelina Ballerina...she likes to model clothes for the business Night Owl alongside Sadie. They could play dress up all day long! She has recently discovered strawberry yogurt and took quite a liking to it! Sadie said that is was Aubrey's favorite flavor! As it is beginning to warm up in Arizona, Aubrey got to go on a plane ride for the first time to a much cooler climate...all the way to Jackson, WY to visit Shari from Soren Lorensen Design and her daughter Finley! Here is a photo of Aubrey getting ready to board the plane! I hope when she comes back she prefers the air conditioning over going in the pool!

We need an ATH doll that is made by YOU this time around so that Aubrey has a friend to hang in the a/c while Sadie is swimming this summer in the pool!
T A "*

***"...We put together this nice little package for you to show you how much we

adore Ana. I've numbered them so you can see how we had intended you to view
this submission. So, please consider the below a caption for the same name
1. How we play: This is how we play with Ana-whether spinning around outside

until everyone is dizzy and falls down (and laughing together at the same

time) to cuddling together on the couch for family movie night or even sharing

her with her brother when he needs cheering up. And of course, you can never

have too much of playing dress up together-probably Marielle's favorite past

time with Ana as it gives her an excuse to dress up along with her.

2. How we celebrate Ana: This is how we celebrate Ana as part of our doll

family. Most recently, Marielle decided it was Ana's birthday and that the

other dollies needed to throw her a birthday party. Whatever we do, Ana has

become part of our family and moments like this show just how integral she is in

my daughter's doll family and ours.

3. How we sleep: This is how my daughter sleeps with Ana. She has earned a

much coveted spot right next to my daughter in her bed, complete with her own

pillow and blanket. Ana does more than just serve as something to cuddle with

at night. As a Mom, it comforts me to hear my daughter sing to her and share

secrets with her, knowing Ana is a best friend to my daughter. (As I write

this, M is singing one of her made up songs to her that's recounting what

they did today.)

4. How we love Ana: This picture shows you how much my daughter loves

Ana. Knowing my daughter, I believe the multicolor shirt Marielle created

highlights the colorful personality she has created for Ana. And of course the

heart shows the understanding that Ana loves her unconditionally.

5. Ana and Marielle: BFF

Julie and M L"***

***"I never played w/dolls as a child, I was more of a tomboy kind of girl. Today I have a sweet little daughter, she just turned three and is teaching me so much a/b having imaginary friends...and little stuffed animals that she calls 'my friends'.
We live far away from our family so my little one doesn't get to play very much w/her other little cousins..she is very introverted and being an only child she creates her little 'friends'....sometimes I feel bad watching her play alone...but it's amazing how far a child's imagination can go.
She has one 'plastic' doll and does not like her b/c she is 'hard'. My daughter is a hugger, and loves to take little stuffed animals w/her to bed...I know she will love the feel of one of your soft dolls pressed against her cheeks at night while she sleeps or to have 'her friend' comfort her when she is sad....I would love for my daughter to have a new little friend that she can remember mommy and daughter w/her, do some tea time, go shopping, talk to her, hug her and hold her tight at night while she falls asleep.... me as a mommy will cherish watching those special moments and keep them in my heart forever.
Thank you for reading


**"Our family would like to enter for a chance at owning our very first doll from you. I have been admiring your dolls for a long time now and was thinking of what makes them so special and I have decided that it's something to do with the eyes. Something in the eyes of your dolls reflects that certain innocence of childhood - the wonder and whimsy of the age where fantasy and reality are transparent and interchangeable. As a mother of both teenagers and very young children, I know how quickly that innocence dissipates and I would like my younger girls and myself to always have a small friend sitting there on their bed or dresser whispering to them, reminding them of that most magical time of their lives.
our very best wishes to all of you,
A, k and a "** 

***"Why do we need to get and Apple Tree House doll? The truth is, we don’t need one, but we would very much like to have one. A special doll to love and admire. A beautiful doll to treasure and keep forever. A sweet doll to bring some sunshine into our house. Our house is in need of a little sunshine as we approach the one year anniversary of my oldest daughter’s diagnosis of cancer. I could write a book on the details of this last year, but I will be succinct here and say simply that she has been forced to go through more than
most adults in her short 4-year-old life, yet she has done most of it with a smile on her face. Through all of her days around doctors, nurses, and caretakers, she has learned to be a very good caretaker herself. I have no doubt that an ATH doll would be doted upon, treasured, and most of all loved.

Thank You, L"**

***"We would love a chance to enter your ATH contest!. K LOVES her mooshy baby. She has a large doll family but her mooshy has been her fave since the day she arrived,. I think she's just the perfect size and weight for hugging- that and well, she's just cute too!
THANK YOU for making such cuteness!
J, J, K, & Mooshy Baby"***

**" Hi! Here is our submission for the contest.  This is Carlie with her doll Marlee on Christmas morning...

Marlee has become C's best friend and they are inseparable.  They do everything together. 
Thank you for making such beautiful dolls and best friends for a lifetime...

Love, K & C R"**

Rayna and her special little girl :)   H.K.

***"Here is D with her best friend, Lucy. Lucy has slept in the crib with Daisy every single night since we got her. D decided that Lucy needed to be rocked this morning so I had to snap a picture for the contest. We still would love to have a special doll for M <3
Thanks for your beautiful dolls! xoxo L"****


*"We do not yet have an Apple Tree House doll but after looking at your dolls on a regular basis with my daughter, R (who loves them), I decided to take a stab at making one for her birthday in a few weeks. She doesn’t know yet – it would be great to have one of your beauties to add to her dolly family. Love your work! You are inspiring.

L and Natasha :)

***"We have been trying to get a doll for a while now but haven't scored. We'd LOVE a chance to win DIBS on purchasing one of your beautiful creations for my daughter Brynnlee's first birthday. I have two little boys and a younger girl. Every time we see dolls my little guys insist that Brynnlee needs a doll. I haven't bought her one yet because I want her first doll to be special- a work of art. We would SO love her first doll to be one of yours!
Thank you SOO much for the oppotunity!


***"....Today after Cashy got out of school I had Taffy in a pink box on her trampoline waiting for her......she was so excited.....and when she opened the box her little face was priceless.  None of the shots are posed, just pure joy between a tiny doll and little girl.  They jumped on the trampoline for a long time, hugged, she gave kisses and had a blast with Taffy.  She has never been on the trampoline with one of her dolls so maybe it will be a special thing for her and Taffy.  She will be loved and treasured for many many years to come!  Thank you for creating such wonderful treasures!

"From the time I saw your 'avatar' when you 'found' me, I knew I needed to have one of your wonderful creations. You have helped me along the way in so many ways, and having one of your dolls would be something quite special. I have pondered over getting a kit and completing the doll myself. I think I would love to do that at some point, but I'd also love to have one especially made by you, that will carry your personality, because you are a wonderful personality. That doll would keep me company while I work, while I relax and also show off some of my dolly creations.

"My daughter would love one of your dolls. I have been trying so hard to get her a Waldorf doll, but I am a major failure at uploads. She absolutely loves your dolls and would love a new friend for her fairy. My daughter has fallen in love with you dolls and we would love a chance to get one. She really would like a doll that she can get clothing for (her fairy is too skinny for any of the clothing on etsy), and your dollies have such great personality and she would be so loved in our home.

Thanks M"

**"Our sweet lil Mooshy baby has been Miss Popularity since the very 1st day she arrived! I’ve enclosed pics of her having fun with all her best friends and of course her lil Mommy who loves her to pieces. Thank you so much for this sweet baby. =)
The F Family "**

"This is my 3, but soon to be 4 year old daughter, she is my sweet little girl, but I think she may end up being my sweet little tomboy!! :) You see, as much as I love to dress her up and do all the girly things little girls love to do, some days she would rather just throw a ball around. She even has been know to take a ball to bed with her! She is such a happy little girl, but I think that she has yet to find that special little dolly to cuddle with (rather than a ball!) :) I just wanted to let you know how much I love your dolls and I know that she would too, hopefully some day we can be lucky enough to get one!
Thank you,
A N  mommy to B"