Doll Info and Care

If it seems like it takes me a while to create dolls, that is because it does! I am a one-mama team and each doll takes 10-18 hours to create. I make as many as my schedule allows, so check back often as I am usually working on something.  Please keep in mind that the dolls are all original, unique, one of a kind creations and no doll can be remade exactly. Most of the yarns I use are also one of a kind hand dyed creations, sometimes I have enough left to do more dolls, sometimes I don't. Please be assured that I always have lots of beautiful yarns to choose from when making a doll. I love yarn, so the dolls have a lot of soft hair that is securely attached and fun to finger comb and style. If the hair should become "loose" at the scalp, simply grasp both strands that make up a single lock and gently tighten.   Spot  cleaning is recommended, but if your doll requires something more, it can be carefully hand washed in a mild, dye free, unscented detergent (careful not to wring and twist the body or over suds the hair) and laid flat to dry, preferably in a sunny spot.  If you need help, don't hesitate to e-mail me! 

Basic Pricing

Doll pricing depends on the art yarns that I use for their hair and the details of their clothing.  The 8 inch Apple Dumplings dolls range from $85-$98, the 12 inch Apple Bud dolls are $150-$175, the 15 inch Apple Blossom Babies are $175-$225.  The 10 inch dolls are not currently being offered

Doll Measurements

Each 12 inch doll is one of a kind, but the measurements are basically the same.  I strive to make them as close as possible to a single set of measurements, but since I am working with pure, natural materials, there will be some discrepancies so always measure your doll just to make sure.  Here are some of the approximate doll measurements:

Height:  12-13 inches
Torso:  length -- 5", widest part around -- 9 1/2 - 11 "
Leg:  total length -- 5", inseam -- 3 3/4", 4-5" around
Arm: armpit to wrist -- 3", 3-4" around
Neck to bottom of foot:  9-9.5"

Custom dolls slots are occasionally available depending on my current work load and availability of materials. Please contact me for more information on availability.  Custom dolls require a $55 deposit to hold your spot and start acquiring materials, deposits are not refundable. You will be contacted when the doll is complete and the balance is due within 4 business days unless other arrangements have been made.

xoxo Debra