Thursday, January 27, 2011


This past week has flown by... the doll kits are almost assembled and ready to be shipped, a couple of custom Li'l Lovey dolls are complete, a present for a dear friend (pics later!) and there are several dolls waiting for faces and hair.  Notice I said dolls.... not gals.  :)

I went a little crazy yarn shopping on Etsy this week, and my spoils are starting to arrive.  Here is one of them, it is an alpaca blended with mohair, in the natural colors of the lovely creatures that provided the fibers that went into this yarn.  Thanks to Diana at

This yarn is as soft as it looks, and I cannot wait to use it so it will be on one of the upcoming dolls.  I am still planning on a fantasy themed doll upload... there will be 2 superheroes and I am thinking the 3rd will be a mermaid.  I opened it up to the Facebook fans the other night to see what kinds of apple superheroes they could think of.  There were so many great suggestions.  A couple stood out from the pack....One of the superheroes will be named "Kung Fuji"!  That name was just too funny to not be used.  I will post preview pics as soon as they are done, and set the upload as soon as I receive some of the clothing from The Melamoose Co.  Yep, you read that right... The Melamoose Co. is helping dress 2 of the dolls this week, and I can't wait to show you what she has created!  But since I don't have the clothes, you will have to check back for a peek later on..... to see some of the wonderful clothes.

Have a great Friday!

XOXO Debra

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