Thursday, January 6, 2011

Something kinda new...

Here we are, almost a whole week into the new year, and I have been up to something! 

Everything I make has to pass a stringent "Research, Development, & Quality Control" Department, a/k/a my kids.  They have been after me for a while to make a doll that can sit.  One with cute, shaped feet.  Maybe a little bit bigger and more substantial than the 10 inch dolls I am so fond of making. I had some ideas, but didn't have time to really work on them and bring them to fruition.  Then the flu hit.  Put on the brakes!  I was cooped up for a while and stuck on the couch, which for me was incredibly difficult as I have a hard time being still.  It did give me an opportunity to get my kids requests down on paper, then on fabric.  Finally, yesterday, "Melanie" came into existence.  Here she is next to my daughter's 10 inch doll, Sugar, to give you an idea of size.

Melanie is a 12 inch doll who sits nicely and has cute feet as ordered by my li'l apples.  Perfect for a tea party, playing school, reading to.  I am so happy with the way she came out!  She is a really great size.  Not too big (or heavy) for the littlest girls, not too small (or lightweight), she is something that will not be outgrown.  She was named after the wonderful mama behind The Melamoose Co. and  is wearing an original "BooMooFee" outfit with components by some of my favorite people...
"When I Grow Up" Artwork by
Screen Printing by (also the official clothier of ATH!)
Dress by
I am going to make a couple more dolls this size and I will have a comment style upload on Facebook, possibly on January 13th, stay tuned for more details.

I have gotten lots of requests for Custom Doll Making Kits, and I will be offering them Wednesday, January 19th. I will be doing it e-mail style... you send me an e-mail with the requested info during the specified time period, and I will randomly choose some e-mails and set up a listing for you on BigCartel.   To keep it all fair, e-mails will not be accepted before or after the specified time, which I will announce when we get closer to the date.  If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at or post on the Facebook page (link is on the right) and I will get back to you. 

It's almost Friday.... hang in there!

XOXO Debra


  1. Can she get anymore prettier!!! My Melanie is definitely smitten with her :). She kept putting her face up to the iPad wanting to kiss her :).

  2. I really hope I can get lucky enough to get one of the 'new' girls this year :) Love her!

  3. I am so loving watching your creative side explore and seeing your talent just come forward to make the next gorgeous ATH doll. I am in love and just perfect! Sweet size and love everything down to the uber cute feet!

  4. as a true ATH addict I must have one of these new dolls! These are the dolls Ive really wanted..the ones my dd could sit up and move around a little. Im so excited you are doing this style Debra!! I see big things in store for ATH in 2011~~ I so hope Im able to be apart of it! <3~