Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oh, baby...

The fan designed $1 Dumpling doll is coming along nicely!  It looks like she will have rainbow hair... I am going to go ahead and finish her up tonight, I think this gal needs purple eyes.  She will be available comment style tomorrow, July 7th, beginning around Noon EDT and ending at 9 pm EDT.  (Usual shipping rates apply).

Meanwhile.... Ѽ Ѽ Ѽ

I have been dreaming of a special doll design for months... a 15 inch baby, one with slightly curved legs that could sit, floppy arms, feet that can wear shoes, and a little belly button and bum.  Oh how I wanted to take the time to make this doll, but I never seemed to have enough uninterrupted time to get to the momentous task of designing a new pattern and creating the doll I could see so clearly in my mind's eye.  That is until Mr. ATH got sidelined over the weekend with a monster tooth ache (root canal yesterday... boo).  The kids were at friends houses, he was on major pain medication, the house was very quiet and I had some unexpected time to do whatever I wanted, so I set to it.  This is what I made:

I was so pleasantly surprised at how nicely and quickly she came together.  I received some wonderful advice and tips from some of my doll making friends and I will always be grateful for their advice and encouragement to stretch and try something new.  There is such joy and freedom when you are able to create something that you desperately want to take form.  She was fun from start to finish.  I will be making more of these in the weeks to come... some will be weighted, most will have natural hair for now.  She will be available as soon as I make her a new dress, she is wearing one of my daughter's special Li'l Blue Boo ( ) dresses for her photo shoot.

The back drop is a gorgeous doll sized quilt made by my dear friend Cathy... she used apple fabrics and free form quilted some apples on to it.  I really love it and it will be showing up in a lot of doll pics, at least when I can sneak it away from the kids.  You can find Cathy's shop on Etsy

Don't forget to check the Fan Page tomorrow if you are interested in the $1 Dumpling!  There will also be an upload of 2-3 Apple Dumpling Dolls on Friday if all goes according to plan... the link to the Fan Page is in the sidebar.

Hope you have a wonderful day     Ѽ    Debra


  1. LOVE THIS BABY!!!! She is exquisite. Would love for her to live with us!!!! We will be watching for her. You did a fabulous job!!!
    Hope your husband is feeling better!
    Take care,

    Hope this not a duplicate post.

  2. Love this new prototype girl! Super cute, especially her little feet! :)

  3. She is perfect, face, body, etc. Love!!