Monday, July 18, 2011

Not So Lazy Summer Days

Is it just me or has this summer just completely flown by?  It is so hard to believe that school starts back up in our area in 3 short weeks.  We have had days filled with fun and friends and I have managed to squeeze a little sewing in between it all.  I have been working on a lot of changes here at the Apple Tree House, and not all of them have been doll related.  The biggest change is one that will take up a lot of time over the next couple of months.... no, not a baby (LOL) but a move!  We found a wonderful little house with lots of woods around it and a really sunny room for sewing and crafting and will be moving into it in about a month.  Everyone here is very excited.

All the activity has kept me from finishing the sweet little dolls that are waiting so patiently on my table.  This week, the kids are in an afternoon camp so I will have a chance to start packing and finish the Dumplings.  I am aiming for the upload on Thursday the 21st in the evening sometime, I will post the particulars and the pictures when the dolls are complete.

Here's a pic of an interesting apple art we spotted on a recent outing.  Can you guess what it is made from??

xoxo Debra


  1. Good luck with the move, Debra! Hope you find time to breathe and enjoy the journey :)

    Shelly Gudmunsen