Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dollar Ѽ Dumpling

Head on over to Facebook to participate in a fun fan designed Apple Dumpling 8 inch doll!  This one will be extra special... I spent some time over the weekend tweaking the pattern a bit so the arms are now floppier.  This will make the doll easier to dress and undress.  I have a light body ready to customize... first, we will pick the hair color, then tomorrow we will pick the eye color, and then, she will be available for sale comment style on my fan page soon after (if you are not on Facebook you can e-mail me and I will add a comment on your behalf) for $1!!!  That's right, $1.... not a typo...  :)  This will be the 1st "$1 Dumpling Doll".... it is my way of saying thank you to all of my wonderful friends, customers, cheerleaders, and supporters. 

Come join the fun on the fan page!

xoxo Debra  Ѽ


  1. How Fun!!!! We do not have any of your dolls...RAINBOW hair!

  2. Oh how fun!! Love the little dumpling size and would love a chance to get one for my littlest girl. <3

  3. I would love if this one had pink boucle, pink with blonde mix boucle or red boucle...I just would love her with boucle hair <3 mere@jklobo.com

  4. How fun! I say pink pink and more pink!

  5. Rainbow hair would be awesome!

  6. I've cast my vote for Aqua! And thank you for doing this.

    MJ Pilgrim

  7. I commented on her but didn't leave my email...

    Sarah Cline on Facebook

    email is srockaway at yahoo dot com

  8. Would love the chance!! Thanks so much!

    Lesley wheeler