Sunday, February 20, 2011


Here's my group of new dolls ready for new homes!  The three pictured will go up in my Big Cartel shop at 2pm EST on Tuesday, 2/22/11.  Please welcome:

Kennedy (dressed in The Melamoose Co. )


and a special Apple Fairy!  She is wearing a special OOAK outfit from REFRESH ( )

These 1st 3 dolls will be available 2/22 at 2pm EST

Wait.... there is one more!  Li'l Ashley is the 2nd doll in the BooFeeMooTree collaboration series... that means 4 people played a part in her creation!  Ashley of Li'l Blue BOO provided the fabric and styling for the dress which MelaMOOse crafted.  Li'l Ashley is wearing some very special underpants made from a fabric with Stephanie CorFEE's baby bubbles print (available on, and the doll is by me (hence, the kids actually picked out all the yarns and her eye and lip color... nice job, huh?!?) 

This doll is very near and dear to my heart, so she will be offered comment style on Facebook starting at 8pm EST on 2/20/11 and ending at 8pm EST on 2/21/11.  If you are interested in having the chance to have her reserved for you, simply leave a comment below the special post / pic on Facebook within this time frame.  At 8 pm EST on the 21st, I will randomly select a name out of a hat and contact that person who will then have 24 hours to purchase her.  If I don't hear back in the allotted time frame, we start over, or I give in to my kids and just keep her!!


  1. Lil Ashley is lovely and my favorite from you. I am excited at the chance for her since I do not have fast internet! Thanks. Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. They are gorgy and someone is going to be soo lucky to have them become apart of their family!
    Always exciting and I hope one day I can add this size of ATH to my family!
    My kids are loving them too! Love seeing their reaction and hearing their comments about ATH dolls!

  3. They are all gorgeous!!! Good luck everyone :).

  4. I love the lil Ashley doll!! We have that dress so we need that doll...RIGHT????