Thursday, February 10, 2011

Doll Making Kits & Cool Art

I love yarn.  I mean, I really love yarn.  Especially expensive art yarns.  I have lots of yarn.  There is yarn pretty much everywhere I turn.  It is so wonderful to be surrounded by and get to use such fantastic materials in my craft. 

All of this yarn has got me thinking it is almost time to offer doll making kits again.  The first batch will be offered to the mamas who were interested last time and will be slightly different in that the floss / threads and premade heads will no longer be included in the kit.  This will lower the price a bit and afford several opportunities to the home crafter.  I love going to the craft store (or even Wal Mart) to buy the embroidery floss used for the eyes and lips.  There are so many beautiful colors to choose from, and you can even work at matching a beloved child's eye color or a detail in a special fabric.  By selecting your own skin tone threads you will have the ability to use as much or as little as you like, and you will also have extra on hand in case a little first aid is required.   Making heads does take some patience, but it gives such wonderful insight into how the wool "works"... by taking the time and effort to make your own head, you will inevitably have a nicer result stuffing the doll.  I will be updating the instructions to include directions on how to make the heads.  I will be e-mailing the mamas from the last go around by the end of the month and then offering kits on my BigCartel site soon after. 

On another note... I asked Stephanie Corfee  to play around a bit with the Individuality Is Healthy art she created for me last year.  This is what she did:

Isn't it fun?  I am going to order a couple of these and they will be prizes in upcoming giveaways.  I have a couple different fun things in mind... stay tuned!

xoxo Debra

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  1. CUTE and I cannot wait to find out more.
    I still think you need to make a crispin boy for me with that gorgy green yarn. lol...or at least for all us apple fans to fight over! :)