Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday, May 17th

This week is going to be crazy...I have company coming in, end of the school year activities, husband's business is crazy busy (more book keeping for me), 2 dolls to finish for my kids (end of the school year presents!), customs to start on, and I want to get a doll done for the shop.  There will be another doll in the shop towards the end of the week, probably a curly redhead.  I will post a preview pic if there is time.

Congrats to Cassie on adding Annabelle to her family...she joins Maisy.   Also, LilBlueBoo got her doll in the mail today, I am sure there will be loads of pics and an incredible wardrobe!

The blog is now at 112 followers and growing...thanks to all for helping spread the word about AppleTreeHouse!  Please remember to enter the giveaway if you haven't already, the link is near the top of the sidebar on the right. 

Thanks everybody!


I am sold out at the moment...I will work really hard to get some more gals done ASAP!
Thank you XOXO Debra


  1. I cannot wait to get Annabelle!
    Just LOVE your 10" beauties!
    Cannot wait to see this incredible wardrobe and I just Butterfly Fairy Princess dolls! Kaleigh is just perfect!

    You sound really busy and remember to come up for a breath of air!


  2. I just came over here from LBB. The dolls you make are absolutely precious! Is your blog or face book the best way to hear about available dolls? :)

  3. Kestlyn, Welcome! I post here first, and there will always be more info here, then little bits of info on Facebook. I am trying to keep this as advance info for the real doll lovers! I am also on Flickr