Friday, May 7, 2010

Crazy Week

Things have been more than a little crazy around here...sewing machine jammed up twice, monster wasp terrorizing my studio, no school due to teacher conferences.  My personal favorite moment that put me behind on my work this week actually happened yesterday:  the boys at the corner of the street were setting off FIREWORKS IN THEIR GARAGE while their parents were not at home!!  The only reason I was able to see this was I took my ironing board and fabric onto my front porch to cut out a bunch of tiny little dresses...quite a visual, I know :o)  I kept hearing a funny noise, then I saw what looked like a dust cloud...then it happened again, and again.  My neighbor, a 5th grade teacher was just getting home and started yelling.  The boys knew they were busted, they didn't even try to lie about what they were doing.  The interesting goings on in suburbia!

Back to business....I am putting faces and hair on 3 10 inch cuties.  They will all have light skin.  One will have a mix of warm and sandy brown curly hair, one will have sandy brown and rosy pink curly hair, and one will have darker brown hair, not sure about the hilites yet, if there is something you would like to see let me know!  I will probably wait to put them online until they are all completed, that way people will be able to choose which doll is right for them. 

Also, I am inching closer to the mark...100 followers on the blog and I will give away a baby doll...see the Mooshy Baby post for more info.
Thanks for sticking with me!

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