Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Upload 4/28

April has been a whirlwind month at the Apple Tree House!  Here is the group that will be available on Thursday, April 28th:

Charlie and Lola the twins, 12 inches and wearing The Melamoose Co.,  $310 for the set

Periwinkle, a meduim tan skin blue eyed fun haired 8 inch Apple Dumpling,  $88

Kristin, an 8 inch Apple Dumpling with chestut hair and green eyes wearing The Melamoose Co.'s apple sleeper, $88

Strawberry, a 12 inch blue eyed redhead wearing The Melamoose Co., $165

This will be a dual style upload. Periwinkle, Kristin, and Strawberry will be available on Bigcartel at 7 pm EDT http://www.appletreehouse.bigcartel.com/ 

The twins, Charlie and Lola will be available as a SET comment style on Facebook.  They will be $310 plus shipping.  On Thursday, April 28 at 8 pm EDT, I will post a pic of the twins on my Fan Page.  Simply leave a comment under their picture if you are interested in purchasing them.  I would really love to see them be able to stay together forever, just as a brother and sister should, so if you only want one doll please refrain from commenting under their picture.  There will be another blond doll in the next upload for sure, I have over 6 pounds of blond mohair so there will be lots of blond dolls coming up!  At 9 pm EDT, I will message the name that is randomly chosen.  Please make sure I can message you thru FB or make sure to leave your e-mail in your comment so I can contact you.   I will contact the winning name shortly after 9.  Payment will need to be made within 1 hour or I will draw another name. 

Please, no "angeling" (enlisting help to purchase) for any of the dolls.  If you are not available at upload time, please rest assured that there will be more dolls available at another time.  Please also make sure you understand my policies ( http://apple-tree-house.blogspot.com/p/where-to-buy.html ) ahead of time to avoid any confusion.  If you have a question, please ask!

Also, I am now on the Circle of Moms!  Please click on the badge in the top right corner or on the link http://www.circleofmoms.com/blogger/apple-tree-house  to vote for me and your other favorite mom owned shops.... no registration required!  Thank you :)


  1. Thanks Kristina! They were so fun to create :)

  2. Thanks Nancy! Gotta love a blue eyed redhead :)