Thursday, April 28, 2011

Circle of Moms

I am so excited! Apple Tree House is on the Circle of Moms search for the top 25 Mom's Shops.

The list is a real who's who of talented moms, including Ashley of Li'l Blue Boo :)

Even though I have only been on there about a day, I have already gathered 50 votes and the last time I checked, that puts me in 39th place (at the time this was written).  I would really love to make it into the top 25.... if I do, I will offer a giveaway of a custom 8 inch Apple Dumpling Doll to celebrate!  It is the best way I know how to show my deep appreciation for all the friends of Apple Tree House.  All blog followers will be eligible to enter the giveaway if I reach my goal of being in the top 25, so please spread the word and vote daily! 

The 1st "custom" Apple Dumpling (for my daughter!), getting ready for bed in her Melamoose sleeper

You can vote once a day thru May 2nd, no registration is required, and you can vote for more than one shop if you like!  Thanks for all your support....

xoxo Debra