Thursday, October 21, 2010

News from the Tree House...

This week has been busy as normal... but not my usual busy.  My dear friend Susan has been spending some time in my studio, learning how to stuff and assemble dolls!  This will help get more dolls made and in to new homes.  I am thinking of offering the first couple of dolls that Susan has done at a reduced price.  They were made with all of the same high quality materials, and I am still doing majority of the doll crafting, they are just stuffed and sewn a bit differently as Susan is still working on duplicating all of my methods.  I think soon even I will have a tough time telling the difference between the ones she has done and my own!

I am also working on finalizing all of the details for the Vashti auction on Ebay.  My dear customer and new friend Jenn in Australia is working on helping me get the auction listing together.  The auction will include the doll, an original signed and dated "The Dot" book by Peter H. Reynolds, an original signed piece of artwork by the author, and an original Lil Blue Boo dress so she will have an extra outfit!  This auction will be a once in a lifetime opportunity... I will never create another doll quite like this, and she will be tough to part with, but I am so excited at the opportunity to be able to raise money for the school library.  I will post here and on Facebook when the auction is live. 

Back to the sewing machine.....   XOXO Debra

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