Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls!

This week has been a fun one... I made my first dark skinned boy doll, Aidan.  I have not seen one quite like him yet!  He was so fun to make and so hard to part with, but he now lives in Canada.

I am also so happy to announce that  Li'l Blue Boo will be dressing some of the Ready 2 Go Home (R2GH) dolls!  You can see more of Ashley's creations at .  Her model, Li'l Sally is a real crowd favorite.  I was able to get some more of the specialty yarns that we all loved in Sally's hair, so there will be a few more with this amazing style.... although there will only be one Li'l Sally :)

The Giveaway Doll is in the works... she will have light tan skin, green eyes, and fun & funky red hair.  I will post a pic when she is done and announce how the Giveaway will work.  The Giveaway will be conducted here on the blog as Facebook has some rules and regulations as far as Giveaways go. 

This coming week, there will be 3 dolls... Serena, a medium tan skinned doll with black hair with turquoise hi-lites and eyes to match; Sloane, a light tan skinned doll with the most amazing hair in browns and blues and eyes to match the blue, and Sadie, a fun loving blond... I will post a sneak peek soon!

Thanks again.... XOXO Debra


  1. Aidan is amazing! Can't wait to see what you make next!

  2. I love all the dolls you make!!! I hope to one day be the winner of a fabulous doll from you!
    take care and have a great week

  3. You are such a busy lady that I am thrilled you still find time to blog.
    I got to admit that Aidan made my heart skip a beat and thrilled to see your next boy doll!
    All exciting news and I am just so thrilled for you! :))