Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sorry I have been a bit quiet lately...I have been elbow deep in LilBlueBoo's Ugly Knits Design Challenge!
I found an ugly, old, slightly stained white t-shirt and some ugly wool stuffing, dyed the shirt with coffee and henna and some other stuff to make it dark so the ugly wool wouldn't show,

 and turned it into this:

My girls have named her Hope...they Hope she wins the challenge LOL

I didn't dye all of the fabric dark though...the rest we tie dyed and will turn into a dress for her. 

Don't forget to check out LilBlueBoo's blog and try the challenge :o)


  1. Awesome! I love Hope!

  2. Where is the "Like" button here? ;) Super sweet! Good job!

  3. She is wonderful! Amazing and I "Hope" wins! :-)
    Great job and I cannot wait to see her outfit!
    hehe.....Your ugly challenege is adorable!
    Cassie A.

  4. So sweet, and Hope is sure to be some tough competition! I can't wait to see Hope's clothing too :)

  5. She is absolutely adorable!
    I hope HOPE wins!!!!

    Do you do any craft/art fairs in the metro Atlanta area?