Friday, June 25, 2010

New Batch

Here's the latest trio that will be going in the shop sometime on Monday...I will announce the exact time as soon as I finish their clothing.

(L to R) Ivy, Blessing, and Candy

They are a little under dressed at the moment, but the studio is warm so they will be OK ;)

It has been kind of slow going around here with the kids out of school.  I am planning on uploading dolls through the summer, but I am also planning on doing a lot of "experiments" with the patterns and hair styles.  If I am happy with the way the "experiment" turns out, you will see the doll in the shop.  I am also planning on gearing up for more custom order slots so as many mamas can get their dream dolls as possible.  If you have a dolly emergency and need something special ASAP, please let me know and if there is any way for me to accommodate your request, I will! 

Also, Judith from is scaling down her snUGG booties pattern so I will have some smaller boots to show you soon....they will be available to order as soon as I can verify to Judith that they fit properly.  I do not currently own any Waldorf Dolls from any of the other talented doll makers, but I am fairly confident that they will fit them as well. 

I hope y'all have a great weekend!


  1. very cute dolls, Debra! :) i'm glad the studio is warm. LOL! :)
    those snUGGs are adorable too!

  2. So cute! I love their little undies! :)

  3. Love the new undies and love the new gals! Blessings is adorable! Super sweet and so in love with the little darlings!
    Cannot wait to see what you create over the summer too!
    How come I say "love" lots when I see and comment on your work? lol!
    Cassie A.

  4. When are they going up in your shop? Love these dolls!

  5. Thanks for all the compliments :) Kristina, the dolls went in the shop and sold on the 28th rather quickly....I am working on another batch now! Stay tuned....

  6. i love all of your dolls! So incredible!

    My husband was raised in a "Waldorf" home and now, with two daughters of our own, we're trying to find that happy medium between modern and classic toys.

    I was drawn to you because you're from Atlanta! We live in Inman Park and i'd love to support a local mom! I'm off to checkout your Etsy store.