Thursday, May 3, 2012

Like a Little Duck

my name is Debra and I have a yarn hoarding problem.  i love yarn.  a lot.  the yarn for the doll pictured below was purchased almost a year ago and I have been saving it for a special doll... i finally got around to finishing her this week and she was every bit as special as i had hoped she would be.

This is Jacqueline, she is on her way home to Michigan to a lovely grandma who will have her around for tea parties and such when her darling grand daughters stop by for a visit.

I also finished up another 15 inch custom doll that her mama has named Lil Bleu... she is on her way home to Oklahoma.

I know things have seemed a bit quiet lately, but rest assured that it is only quiet on the surface.  I am like a little duck, gliding smoothly across the pond, little feet paddling quickly below the water to accomplish my goals.  Please subscribe to the blog so you will see what I have been up to!  There will be some interesting gluten free baking stuff (bread!!) coming up as well as another new take on a doll...a 10 inch doll.

xoxo Debra

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