Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jewel and Boo

The 2 dolls I just finished are very near and dear to my heart... I would love to tell you a little bit about them. 

First, there is Jewel. 

She has the most amazing head of hair.  The handspun art yarn came from a very dear friend of mine who is also a doll maker.  I have had this yarn in my stash for a bit, I couldn't bear to cut it!  But boy am I glad I did. 

Jewel is about 12 inches tall and is wearing an outfit that The Melamoose Co. made especially for her after seeing her.  She has mocha skin and light blue eyes.  There are a lot of creamy colored soft wool yarns mixed in with her special art yarn, and yes, there is some sparkle in her hair.  Jewel will be offered for sale comment style on my Facebook Fan page 11/3/11.  At about 9 am EDT, I will post a pic of her on the fan page.  If you are interested in purchasing her for $175 USD (plus shipping) simply leave your comment under her photo.  At 9 pm EDT, I will pull a name out of the hat and message that person who will have 24 hours to purchase her, or there will be another name drawn. 

And this is Boo.

Boo was a real labor of love.  I am not sure if you are all following Ashley of Li'l Blue Boo's blog , but if you haven't heard Ashley has been dealing with a very aggressive form of cancer.  Stephanie Corfee designed a "Team Ashley" logo at the request of a dear friend so people could show their support for Ashley during this tough time.  When I saw the logo, I got an idea.  I had some of the art yarn left from the 1st doll I made for Ashley's daughter, Boo and I thought it would be fun to make a doll similar to that one to wear a shirt with the Team Ashley logo.  The Melamoose Co. very generously made the t-shirt and the coolest ruffle pants from some incredible Japanese linen blend fabric.  And to top it all off, Boo is wearing a hair clip made by Ashley's sister, Perry.  Perry sent me a couple clips a little while back, and this seemed like the perfect doll to wear one.  You can find more of her work at

As you can see, this doll was a group effort and made with a lot of love.  I wanted to try a something a little different for finding a new home for Boo.  I would like to try auctioning her on Facebook.  Tomorrow night at 9:30 pm EDT, I will put up her pic and an opening bid.  If you are interested in bringing her home, simply put in a bid before the auction ends at 7 pm EDT 11/4/11.  At the end of the auction, I will send a paypal invoice to the winner and send the proceeds to the local non-profit Children's Hospital, in Ashley's name.  If you would like to send a donation to the hospital, please click on the link above. 

I will update this post with more photos in the morning when I have better light.

Thanks everyone for all of your support! 

xoxo Debra

P.S.  I read each and every comment and love hearing what everyone has to say, but for some reason Blogger says I am not allowed to comment on my own posts.  Go figure.


  1. I love them both. & love everything that went into boo. Amazing teamwork!

  2. both dolls are gorgeous Deb, and the fact that you are making the donation in the name of Ashley speaks volume for your support. I hope this post brings a little smile to a very sick mother :-)

  3. The doll looks just like boo! You are a great friend and such a good person. Love your dolls!

  4. Both dolls are gorgeous and I love that they have so much meaning behind them and were made with such love. These are truly two very special dolls.:)

  5. How beautiful!! I have been trying to land a waldorf doll for a year! My daughter Autumn would love to bring one of these gorgeous little ladies and give them the same love they were made with <3.

  6. These are beautiful! "Boo" is absolutely perfect! What a wonderful way to honor Ashley! Great work! :)