Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I know it has been a while since my last blog post and shop update, but I am still here!  I am pleased to say that we survived our move.  So far, at least... I know everything is here, just have to figure out exactly which box "it"  is in.  The house sold so fast that I barely had time to pack, let alone organize, and now I have the fun task of locating each item and finding a new place for it.  Mr. ATH has assured me that he will hang shelving for me this weekend so I can unpack my beloved fabrics and yarns.  Dare I unpack all of this at once?? lol

Moira, my daughter's 12 inch Apple Buddy Doll in the box of yarns... this is "most" of the yarns lol

I am hoping to get back to doll making some time next week and will keep you posted on my progress... meanwhile, here is a peek at what I can see almost daily outside my window:

The kids named the twins Spot and Dot, still working on a name for mama.

Have a wonderful day!!  xoxo Debra

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  1. Oh I just Love your daily view!! Brings back so many memories!!