Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Here we go!

OK, In case you didn't know, I am not the most computer savvy person.  I can bake gluten free bread from scratch, make a mean marinara sauce, and sew and knit like crazy.  Computers and technology are not my strong areas.  That being said, I love the idea of being able to share ideas and tips about a natural, healthier way of life.  That is the idea behind Apple Tree House and the one of a kind dolls I create.  I started making dolls just a short time ago, but it has quickly become a passion.  Above is a pic of "Rose" and "Jane", the first two Club Members.  I especially love making dolls using hand spun art yarns from other Etsians for their hair.  I will use this blog as a tool to keep you up to date with dolls I am making, as well as to share tips and tricks for a simpler way of life.  You will find everything from recipes to links to giveaways here, so follow me as I journey into this uncharted area of the BLOG.....

My dolls are available for purchase on Etsy at http://www.AppleTreeHouse.Etsy.com .

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  1. They are adorable!:D Welcome to the teckie world love ;) I'm not all that savvy myself so maybe we can muddle through together ?? lol :D SO nice to have found your blog via link love on facebook :D All your little ones look very soft and cuddly :D Very nice work!